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Movement Against Fascist Forces

October 22, 2015

Writers, artists announce movement against fascist forces

An Special Correspondent


New Delhi, October 21, 2015:  Eminent writers, artists and media persons, who are peeved at the present government’s insensitivity and inaction against hate-peddlers and violent radicals of   Hindutva groups, announced on Monday that they will fight fascist forces tooth and nail. They alleged that these forces have “tacit support and endorsement” of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre.In the wake of growing intolerance and targeted killings of writers and rationalists and repeated incidents of lynching on the pretext of cow protection, a discussion was jointly organized by the Press club of India, the Indian Women’s Press Corps, the Janwadi Leikhakh Sangh and the Pragatisheel Leikhakh Morcha on Monday at the Press Club here.

Coming down heavily on the Prime Minister and his government for the growing atmosphere of intolerance and communal discourse, they resolved to take a protest march on October 23 from Sri Ram Centre to Sahitya Academy in the Capital. They said the PM is maintaining eloquent silence over the murderous attacks on writers and rationalists while his party members, MPs as well as his cabinet ministers are making provocative statements and remarks.  Writers at a Pratirodh Sangh (protest forum) in Press Club of India also raised concern over the deafening silence of Sahitya Academy which is the autonomous body of literaturers.

Speaking on the occasion, veteran journalist and Hindi writer Mangalesh Dabral, who returned his Sahitya Academy award in protest against the government’s inaction, has warned that: “History will not forgive us if we do not speak up at the situation when the core values of our civilization are under attacks”.

He said that democracy is not all about the rule of majority, but its real tests lies in the well-being of minorities and other marginalised sections of society.  Taking Finance Minister Arun Jaitly to task for dubbing the revolt of writers as “manufactured protest”, he said it was a “mischievous narrative to malign them”.

“Are the killings of rationalists Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Pansare and M M Kalburgi manufactured? Was Akhlak killing manufactured? They are not manufactured, but there is design into all these incidents,” Dabral asked the Finance Minister.

When this correspondent asked that writers are not defending their stand forcefully in TV discussions, Dabral quipped, “We do not cross the limit of decency to prove our point”.

Om Thanvi, ex-editor of Jansatta, said here is a Prime Minister who took refuge under the President Pranab Mukherjee’s speech for appealing peace in the country. It was “mischievous and cunning” as Muslims are not attacking Hindus or Hindus and Muslims are not fighting but the Hindutva radicals who are hell-bent to destroy the communal fabric of the country. Instead of taking action against these radicals the PM is making appeal for calm and peace, he said.

Conducting the discussion Press Club of India  general secretary Nadeem Ahmad Kazmi said that the majority of journalists are with writers in their fight against intolerance and fascism, He pointed that Hindutva groups are using all  means to “control communication” the manifestation of which is seen in the media narrative against the writers returning their awards. “They are not using swords or resorting to violence…. Instead of listening to their concerns, a section of media is accusing them of belonging to one quarter or the other”, said Kazmi. Many writers spoke on the occasion and castigated the opposition parties, including the Congress for raising their voice forcefully against these forces as they are more concerned with their political interest than the country’s interest.

Noted poet and critic K. Sachidanandan in his statement urged the silent majority to come together against the “mono-religious and mono-cultural entity”. He also raises concern over the BJP government’s bid to control prestigious institutions like ICHR, NBT and FTII, to name a few, which were so far headed by eminent scholars, educationists, social scientists, philosophers and thinkers. They are systematically destroyed by the appointment of little known, ignorant or ill-reputed people, he said.

“It is ironical that those who have vowed to safeguard the Constitutional rights are themselves challenging the constitution with inflammatory statements and hate-speeches every other day leading to riots and instilling fear in the minorities, he said.